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Beyond Words was a successful post-new wave rock band active in the eighties.

Based in Baltimore, Maryland, their music was romantic, edgy and reflected the time. 


A Brief History

Beyond Words came together in 1984 in Baltimore, Maryland, disbanding in 1992. During this time, the group released two albums and three singles, including a popular French pressing called The Edge. Beyond Words won several awards, filmed videos and took part in many TV performances and radio interviews, some of which are saved here and on a YouTube channel. They performed constantly at clubs up and down the east coast, including The Ritz, CBGB's, China Club in NYC; The Bayou, Nightclub 930, Roxy in DC; Hammerjack's, Max's on Broadway, 8 x 10 Club in Baltimore along with many universities. Hard-working and popular in the day, you can find and purchase much of their music on their Bandcamp

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